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   Experts in the fields of computer graphics, web design and internet technologies established Singularity to provide clients with professional services.

   Our only aim is to provide our clients with professional services in the areas of multimedia presentation, internet and e-commerce.

   The company offers its customers only the products and services, which it masters at professional, world standard level. We are using the most advanced web design tools (e.g. Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave, DHTML, Javascript, EmbPerl, PHP etc.), technologies from database systems areas (virtual shops, virtual galleries exploiting PostgreSQL and Oracle) and contemporary tools for intranet and its connection with Internet. Professional approach and flexibility are our typical virtues.

   We offer you complex internet services. Let's begin with consulting, advertising and making you connected. We continue through creation of complex multimedia presentations including interactivity, e-commerce solution and databases. Finally, we place them on the Internet and provide regular maintenance, up-dates and domain registration in Slovak and international search services with supportive promotional activities on the Internet.

   Our work in Singularity is creative and innovative. We are implementing new technologies in a way that outcomes are harmonious, clear, modern and attractive at the same time.

   We help our customers to make themselves familiar with the given area and find the proper solution for using internet and intranet their respective companies. We in Singularity believe that the internet is not just a new technology delivering information but also a new way of thinking. Internet is a new perception of the world, making business and communication. Our dealing with the customer is not reduced to mere consulting. Instead, we want to cooperate in choosing the most suitable solution and turn it into existence. In the process we are becoming the partner for our client. Our philosophy of partnership results in strengthened mutual trust, which finally leads to a greater efficiency. Singularity concentrates on step-by-step development of our clients' human resources by providing our know-how. Our services are complex. This means that the results of our work are not just recommendations but also active participation in completing proposed solutions and aims.